Giving back !

June 15, 2017

                 The Purpose of one of my missions is to enlighten the human race along my journey of Faith. My everyday life, as well as my creations and designs are done with a purpose in mind, which is to help others on their journey.  My intention is to disperse a little bit more love here and there, something I feel this world could use a little bit more of.  I can't do too much on my own, and with your help we are going to transform my beautiful pieces of Adornment into many symbolic gestures representing our relationship between us as human. It is going to be a subtle display of love, pride and achievement to show that we are all one.

 Few months ago I met this beautiful and inspiring "Soul" that touched my heart, her name is Nasreen Skeikh. Born in Nepal,  growing up in a country where women have absolutely no rights and with the burden of social pressure. At the age of 12 years old, she left her village and changed the direction of her life. 

Doing so, she learned different handicraft skills and realized that she could use this knowledge by teaching other disadvantaged women how to support themselves.  Since that time, she has been working continuously to educate as many women as possible. She started in 2004 "Local Women's Handicrafts" , a place where she created a program that has helped a couple hundred women to change their lives. Nasreen says " These skills are something that no one can take away from them. This knowledge give them power and confidence they have never experienced before". Her inspiring story has been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan.

She visited the United States for the first time in October 2015, it inspired her to develop her vision further and created the LOCWOM non-profit organization. There is not enough resources or support in Nepal for her to expand her mission to improve lives of women and children.

 A dollar from each piece that you purchase will go towards making an improvement in someone else's life. That way we can help spread more love on our planet.

 I decided for the next 9 months that we will support Nasreen's LOCWOM non-profit organization.

You can visit her website at

I'll keep you updated on the progress we have made with the help from of you.

Love Peace and Light





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