Celia de Flers

Celia de Flers"A jewel reflect your personality and complement your sense of self."ย 

French-born and raised in "The city of Enlightenment", Paris, I believe jewelry is an outward expression of inner philosophies and beliefs.

Since a very young age, I always had a connection with the inner and outer world, which gave me consciousness that there is so much more than what we can see with our naked eyes. I thought that it was something that anyone was experiencing as well until one day as a toddler I shared one of my experiences with my family... It is then I realised that not everyone was seeing what I was seeing and was aware of our connection with other Dimensions. From that time, I kept everything to myself and with the years following my intuition and inner voice I developed a knowledge of what I call "Gifts"... By the way everyone has them, we are now living a time where Humanity is awakening and is starting to be conscious that there is more than what we see that we think is reality. This is an exciting time for me as I can now share this knowledge that I accumulated over the years through my constant research and life experiences.

My mission and purpose is to help enlightened the Human race spreading my messages with something useful, something good, meaningful and positive, here ย through wearable symbols expressed with my Designs.

With any purchase that anyone makes on the website, I will start by keeping $1 from each order, to go help a Foundation, Charity, School, project... Each piece of jewelry is not going to be only a beautiful adornment but also a symbolic gesture of our relationship between us as humans, a subtle display of Love, pride, or achievement that we are doing together with this contribution to our world to be a better place for everyone. I will keep you update via my blog about what we are accomplishing together and of course I am wishing and looking forward to give back much more than a Dollar in the years coming up !ย 

"To Design without a purpose, a message and or meaning toward a better you, a better life, a better world, Humanity has no interest to me ". Celia de Flers

"Historically Jewelry has been used for self-expression as well for physical, psychological and spiritual well-being and protection". I create each piece with this philosophy in mind. I pride myself on my relentless research of history, culture and sacred knowledge as means to authenticate my works of Art.

Every single Jewels that I design is handmade in the USA and crafted with considerable insight and thoughtfulness for a discerning clientele who feels as emotionally connected to symbols and meaning of life as I do.