Discover your seven primary Energy Centers

June 09, 2017

             These Energy centers are called Chakras or Wheels as they appear as vortexes of pranic energy located at different specific points in our subtle body. The ancient scriptures count hundreds of such energy centers, their function is to control vital energy circulation throughout our system. However, the seven primary Chakras responsible for maintaining life in our body and for sense perception, mental activity, and higher awareness are : 

1- Muladhara ( root chakra) meaning "root support" is situated at the base of the spine. It is the Foundation of our expression as an individual. Emotionally this chakra is the seat survival and it rules the primal instinct. It's element is Earth and it's color is red.

Connect with Muladhara to access your primal life-force

2- Svadhisthana (pelvic chakra) meaning "Adobe of the self" is located at the level of the genitals. This Chakra is associated with seeking pleasures and sensations through sensory stimuli and sexual contact. Emotionally it is the seat of self-acceptance, raw emotion and sexual energy. It's element is Water and it's color Orange.

Connect with Svadhisthana to access your creativity

3- Manipura (solar plexus chakra) meaning 'City of lustrous jewels" is located at the level of the navel. It is the center of self-assertion and domination, which satisfies needs by controlling and manipulation situations and people. Emotionally it is the seat of self-will, mental acuity and sense of identity. It's element is Fire and color Yellow.

Connect with Manipura to access your subconscious emotion, ego and will power

4- Anahata (Heart chakra) meaning "Unstruck sound" is located in the Heart area. It is the center of human consciousness. It is the gateway to higher awareness. This chakra accepts and loves others unconditionally. Anahata accepts both positive and negative qualities. Emotionally it is the seat of compassion, Love and Healing. It's element is Air and color is Green.

Connect with Anahata to access Love

5- Vishuddhi ( throat chakra) meaning "Purification" is located in the Laryageal plexus. It is the center that purifies and harmonizes all opposites, brings understanding, balance, equanimity, and perfection. Emotionally it is the seat of self expression and speech. It's element is Ether and color is blue.

Connect with Vishuddhi to access creative expression and communication

6- Ajna (third eye chakra) meaning "command" is located between the eyebrows, forehead. It is the center of wisdom, higher consciousness, self-realization, and self-authority. Emotionally it is the seat of subtle intellect, intuition, extra-sensory and perception. It's element is time and color indigo.

Connect with Ajna to access your primordial, super natural power

7- Sahasrar (crown chakra) meaning "thousandfold" is located on top of the head. this chakra is the awareness of universality, bringing Unity Consciousness, oneness with universality, totality of the inexpressible infinite. Emotionally it is the seat of Divinity, Peace and Enlightenment. it's element is Space and color Violet.

Connect with Sahasrara to access all knowing, eternal bliss and Liberation from all things corporeal / Material

The Chakras embody our spiritual path. These seven gates to higher consciousness open our ascent from limited awareness to expressing our full potential. The chakra systems is the field of gentle subtle energy that animates our physical bodies. When these are out of alignment, we can be pulled in several directions and feel off center from our most natural state of well being.

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