"I allow new beginnings in my life."

Moonstone represents cyclical change, a connection to the feminine, inner clarity. It’s a symbol of light and hope and it’s encouraging us to embrace new beginnings.

The Moonstone is a special amulet to drive our wellness into new realms. It is connected to all our emotions, the turns of the tide, the light and the dark, and the depths of our own souls.

Its healing power helps with PMS and hormonal balance and assists with Fertility issues. The Moonstone softens PMS symptoms and better hormonal balance. It affects the reproductive organs and brings your body into its own cycle for those who are struggling with fertility issues. Wearing this stone can help bring these issues to healthier fruition.
Parents-to-be are going to find strength and power in the moonstone as it can assist ease all kinds of physical discomforts often associated with pregnancy and childbearing.

Wear this beautiful Mala to cleanse your chakras and embrace changes and new beginnings. It is going to bring into your life creative play and keeping it beside your bed it’s going to assist with fertility.

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