The Nirmaña Bead bracelet "manifest through transformations" is more than just a single piece of jewelry.

Each Elements that Celia de Flers use in any of her designs is carefully hand picked for its energy and healing properties. Every beads are combine with other materials to enhance or complement in a positive way the final adornment.

The Malachite is an extremely powerful metaphysical stone, it is often called the "stone of transformation" and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer. It's important to use it when need it, in small doses. Malachite absorbs energy and draws emotions to the surface. It clears and activates all chakras, and is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras. This is one of the most important healing stones, Malachite help the wearer acknowledge, draw out, and discharge negative energy, including old emotional patterns, past trauma and suppressed feelings. It's ability to draw out negative energy can assist in discovering the energy blocks and patterns that may be causing physical disease.

Malachite is Highly protective and absorbs pollution, purifies, and shields against radioactivity. You can use Malachite to ease menstrual cramps and childbirth. Place it on your third eye to facilitate psychic vision, placed on your "Anahata", your Heart chakra it is going to bring balance and fidelity to relationships with other people.

It is a great stone to use in the treatment of Arthritis, swollen joints, Asthma, broken bones, back problems and pain, bacterial and viral infections and torn muscles.

Wearing your Malachite bracelet while you work, it gives you clarity and patience in all you do.

Important notice: Clean your Malachite bracelet often as it absorbs negative energy easily, it holds it within the stone until you clean it. To cleanse and recharge your Malachite bracelet:

- Lay the bracelet on a quartz cluster. Quartz is a neutral stone that is used to absorb the negative energy from other stones. Leave your bracelet on the Quartz overnight and if you can in the moonlight, it helps to recharge the stone under natural element.

Handmade with Unconditional Love in the USA

Shipped internationally.