"Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. It's going to nurture your mind, body, and soul."

Take with you wherever you go " Moai", it is said to bring wealth and riches in uncountable abundance!
These beautiful beads made of Volcanic stones found in abundance in Easter Island is believed to be of ancient spirit.
Even today are used for money.

On an emotional level, the Lava stone has many other positive properties, it is the stone of rebirth. It gives us courage and strength to shed any unneeded layers of emotional attachment. This stone allows us to go through times of change with stability. It is a calming stone, very useful in dissipating anger and it promotes positive changes when needed in behavioural issues.
It provides also guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back".
The Lava stone enhances fertility.

Spiritually it is a great stone to stabilize and ground the root chakra because of its creation within the center of Earth and its connections with Mother Earth. Allow yourself to nurture yourself physically and spiritually with its special healing benefits.

For a better experience of the healing energies of the Volcano stones, I recommend to wear the "Moia" bracelet on your left wrist as it is the receiving side.

 Handmade with Unconditional Love in the USA

Shipped internationally.