“Physical strength gets you to the start line. Mental strength gets you to the finish line.”

Shungite “the stone of life” is a wonderful portal. It stimulates the root chakra stabilizing our energetic body and by doing so it safely opens the door to the exploration of the higher chakras.

Wearing your bracelets protects against EMF pollution, tones, and adds vitality. This protective and purifying stone can help you bring the shadows and stuck emotions of your past to light to be transformed.

It creates physical, emotional strength, and mental clarity.

Shungite with tiger eye is for the ones who are unsure of their abilities, lack courage in getting going, and can’t find where they belong.

Shungite with Amethyst works at aligning the energetic body rooting in the peaceful energy from the high violet vibrations of the Amethyst.

Shungite with obsidian amplifies the protection against emotional and physical negativity.

Wearing the Shungite as a bracelet is very effective as the wrist is traversed by many meridian lines. They are especially useful for anyone who is in contact with computers and telephone all day. It can ward off numbness in the arm.

By wearing your Shungite bracelet you are protecting yourself from the electromagnetic waves that now assault our lives.

Do not wear your bracelet for too long, at least not at the beginning. Because for anyone in good shape they can produce excess of energy. On the other hand, it is excellent for the rehabilitation of weakened or convalescent individuals.

Shipped internationally.